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About Us

About Us

Holmes Custom Moulding, Ltd. now proudly manufactures the complete line of Berlin Flyer wagons market.

HCM acquired the business operations of Berlin Wood Products, Inc. in October 2012. Our goal is to continue to make the best quality, longest lasting, durable wagon on the market.

Let me start by providing some background on how we got to this point today. Berlin Wood Products was started in 1965 by John Yoder and several other businessmen. Initially, their vision for the business was to become a lawn and garden tool manufacturer and sell various models of wheelbarrows and moving carts. After a few years, these men decided to focus on the wood components of these units. By the early 70’s, the company developed the wooden wagon line to utilize wood material not useable in their other markets. Thus, the Berlin Flyer wagon was born! 

Wayne Hershberger worked at Berlin Wood Products as a teen, 20-plus years ago before starting his own business, Holmes Custom Moulding. HCM has grown to be a successful business selling wood dimension stock to large companies in the industry. Our main focus has been on components such as broom, paint brush, and wheelbarrow handles as well as the wagons featured on this website. We currently have approximately 40 employees and have continued to grow since the acquisition.

The Berlin Flyer

Today’s Berlin Flyer wagon is virtually the same wagon that rolled off the production line over 30 years ago. The only items we buy finished for the wagons are the wheels and bolt packs. Everything else is done in our factory… AMERICAN MADE! Our goal is to put as much of the cost of the product as possible back into the product itself – no “bells and whistles” or “sugar coating” to get you to buy our product. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to make these wagons and carry on the tradition. Our products are much the same as we conduct business and live our lives – plain and simple. The craftsmanship speaks for itself.